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Studio Phone Number is 800-746-0788

We now are available 2.4.7 to manage your dance questions and needs please call to make an in studio appointment or ask a quick question. 

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  • If you would like to take classes please check website for available times

  • Though you are allowed to visit the studio, we DO NOT encourage watching rehearsals or classes so that our current studio attendees and instructors are not distracted.

  • If you are looking to attend classes or enroll, please call the studio for schedule or check our website for the most current information. Studio Master Schedule All Locations (scroll until you see your location)

  • Last but not least If you don’t have something nice to say, please don’t say it in an email/facebook message.

WE HOPE THAT HELPS and we appreciate all of our potential and current customers!

When should my child begin dance classes ?

We at Dance With Me Academy Studio's feel you are Never Tutu young learn! We begin classes as early as the womb please check our schedules for one of our many great offerings. Each child grows at her own pace – some are more physical while others are more verbal. Our Baby Dance Program begins with Ballet for Posture and Turn-out, Tap for Rhythm & Musical Timing, and Gymnastic Tumbling for flexibility and strength to improve balance and coordination. Children are like sponges, eager to learn. However, bad habits can easily form during those first few years of dancing school. A proper formal dance education is most important in the formative years.

What are your prices?                                                                                                                                                    Classes cost  $200-$250 upfront for the semester in full (avg. 10 weeks). All registrations will receive a special welcome gift. Multiple Classes will be discounted. Payment Plans are available upon request you will be committed through the semester. You are welcome to come in an try an introductory class for $15 give us a try all introductory fees will be applied to tuition if registered the same day. 


What classes are available for my preschooler?

We follow the Twinkle Star Dance Curriculum! This included ballet/tap/jazz for pre-schoolers we even have  hip hop at some locations! Murrells Inlet location even has a Dance & Learn Pre-school Program Monday- Thursday 10am-1pm.

Should my son take dance?

Yes! It is equally important for boys to have the same opportunity to learn rhythm & timing, coordination, classroom etiquette and an appreciation for the performing arts. Dance will increase strength and flexibility, building a strong, healthy body that will help with all future sports programs and professions.

What benefits will my child gain from dance class?

Your child is about to begin her dance education. Through proper training they will develop good posture, poise, proper body alignment and grace. Dancing will increase flexibility, improve coordination and introduce an appreciation for the performing arts. Stage experience and our photo shoot will help the shy, self-conscious child; and class structure will control the over-aggressive one. Self-expression will be learned through the most beautiful of all the arts.

Should my child take private lessons?

Class lessons are best for your child for he/she will learn to work in unison with a group. The competition between classmates is good for the dance student and will make them grow into a more enthusiastic dancer. Good work habits will be formed through the cooperation, teaching your child to live with people in harmony all through life.

Private Lessons here at Dance With Me are available for those interested. Privates are most commonly used to learn choreography for select dancers. They can be used to play catch up when transferring from another studio or missing classes. They can also be scheduled for advancement in a certain subject.

When will my child begin Pointe training?

Young dancers are always enthusiastic about beginning dancing en Pointe too soon. If a child has had good ballet training he/she will begin Pointe work between the ages of 10 & 12yrs. If care is not taken, lifelong disabilities can result from starting Pointe before supple bodies are strong enough and muscles are properly developed.

Why is Ballet so important to dancers?

Ballet is the foundation of all other dance forms. This art of dance was born in the18th Century and has continued to evolve into today’s world renowned entertainment. Ballet technique is written in French, the traditional language of dance. By learning the correct terminology of each dance movement will be easier to execute. Dancers are only made through hours of practicing technique to perfect control of every part of the mind and body. Congratulation to you, Parents, for giving your child a chance to build a beautiful, strong, healthy body & mind and to enter into the art of dancing.

Dance With Me studentWhen is Jazz incorporated to a child’s curriculum?

Young dancers are anxious to begin jazz – We introduce some elements of Jazz in our pre-school program, America’s true folk dance. Jazz is exciting, energetic and fun! Our Intermediate and Advanced Prima Preschool Classes incorporate Jazz into the curriculum. However, Jazz is built on the basic fundamentals of ballet and without proper ballet training a young dancer will never fully grasp the body movement concepts to become a great jazz dancer.

What is Hip Hop?

 Hip Hop is a style of Jazz Dance incorporating Break Dancing, Popping, Locking, and Urban Funk. Hip Hop is now being taught in most dance studios across the country. It is a great choice for dancers with little formal training or beginning late in life. It’s Funky, Fun and not only for the Hip!

How many "sessions" do you have per year? Are there separate Fall and Spring class schedules?

Our studio year runs from September to June, culminating typically with an annual recital. Our 10 month schedule gives our instructors the opportunity to know their students well. This in turn allows them to tailor their class format to meet the unique needs of each dancer. We have Fall sessions A/B Spring A/B and Summer Semesters. Which allow a good breaking pointe for dancers who do not wish to make a full year commitment.

Are parents allowed to observe classes each week?

Our studios have a small waiting area in which parents can remain during class. Myrtle Beach classes can be viewed by our large windows into the dance room. This arrangement helps our younger students work on self-sufficiency while still offering them the reassurance that Mom or Dad is waiting right outside. Our Baby Ballet/tap program allows students to take class with the comfort of knowing that mom, dad, or cargiver can be in the room while they make the adjustment into our class structure, overcome stranger anxiety, and really ease into their new environment.

What attire does my child need to wear to dance class?

Proper dance attire is required in order to participate in class. Please see our Shop Page & Select your location for more details.

Where can we purchase attire/ if we order how long does it take to come in?

Please use the following link to access our Online Shop through costume manager!

We utilize a service called CostumeManager.com to fulfill your dancewear and costume needs. To ensure you receive the correct size shoe, before ordering, please drop by your studio for a free shoe fitting. You’ll be given a worksheet explaining how to order all of your supplies conveniently online or via a toll free number.

You may view your required dress code list by clicking on the appropriate link below. DWMAS has negotiated an expedited delivery schedule from CostumeManager.com.


How many instructors does the studio have?

Our staff consists of 10 instructors, all trained Please see the Our Instructors page for more information.


Does DWM have annual recitals?

We hold performance opportunities typically twice per year.


Do We have to pay for costumes at DWM?

We do not currently charge for costumes our fees/ticket fees cover costume usage, accessories, and other expenses that directly impact recital. Children will not get to keep costumes, accessories that will not be re-used or non-costume attire can be kept. There will still be a ticket fee between $8-$18 depending on venue and scenery. Recitals will not be mandatory we do not enforce any dancer to attend although we do require attendance we do require parents to notify us of non attendance as soon as possible (at least 30days prior to the show). New locations will not have their first recital unless their studio has been open at least 6 months prior.



Are there any other hidden fees?

There are no other additional fees for dancers not in dance company besides performance tickets, registration, and late fees please check our policies on the following link:


How do I enroll my child at DWM?

You can register for our classes by going to our website and accessing www.dancewithmellc.com/registration if you are interested in paying monthly if you would like to register for the semester in full (i.e. Spring 1 Jan-April). Please use this form to pay REGISTER FOR FULL SEMESTER HERE $200 in full one class and $175 each additional class.


"Dance With Me is so popular in the area now that it is
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over others as we offer the Dance With Me syllabus."

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